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Help us change the fashion industry for good!

Our fundraiser campaign aims to raise funds to support the production of sustainable and ethical clothing in Kenya. By supporting our campaign, you will be contributing to a more sustainable and fair fashion that empowers local communities, promotes regenerative farming and reduces the environmental impact of clothing production.


Labl Fashion is an ethical clothing producer. We help fashion brands create high-quality apparel in an empowering, transparent and planet-positive way: Social. Sustainable. Regenerative.


As a social enterprise, we are a blend of social sustainability and community empowerment. We are seeking your support to empower the community we operate in: provide them with initial cotton seeds, provide them with water through a borehole and pipes, and provide training to give them farming knowledge through demonstration farms and the requisite tools and equipment for fashion production.

Join our community

We're looking for people to join our journey.You may be an aspiring designer, an established brand, a farmer, a fellow colleague or just a friend. Contact us to to be part of this community. 

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