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Blue tshirt (NFT)

Fashion NFT patterns.png

Introducing our 100% organic cotton blue t-shirt, a sustainable and socially responsible choice for your wardrobe. Made from pure, chemical-free organic cotton, this shirt is kind to both the environment and the farmers who grow the cotton. The organic farming practices used to produce the cotton reduce pollution, conserve water, and support biodiversity. Wearing this shirt, you're supporting fair labor practices and promoting sustainable agriculture.


To care for your t-shirt, we recommend machine washing it in cold water, and hang dry or tumble dry low. By following these simple instructions, your shirt will stay looking great wash after wash.

To recycle a t-shirt, you can donate it to Labl Fashion's textile recycling program, repurpose it into cleaning rags, or even use it as a patch for other clothing items. Alternatively, it could be taken to Labl Fashion's textile recycling facility where it can be broken down and used to create new products such as insulation, carpet padding, and soundproofing material.

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