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"Our reach goes further than production"

A Better Way for farmers

We want to deliver a brighter future through working with local smallholder farmers and implementing regenerative agriculture capabilities.

Regenerative agriculture

Our goal is to only work with regenerative farmers.

That’s because regenerative farming is good for the planet, restoring natural environments and increasing biodiversity. It uses multi-cropping, no pesticides and no fertilisers. It uses nature to grow beyond the initial seeds. 


For the farmer, it reduces expenses, improves the land and creates extra opportunities to make money - such as selling surplus cotton, by-products or other cash crops.

Powered by the sun, cotton plants take up CO2 from the air turn that into the fabrics we wear.


A Better Way for Farmers

In an area with a diameter of 50 kilometers we are collaborating with smallholder farmers that each dedicate up to 5 acres of land to regenerative cotton. 


Each cluster of farmers is near a model farm where extension services are delivered and capacity building programs are rolled out. 


All cotton producing farmers will be united in a cooperative that includes the processing facilities. This ensures a safety net but also provides a share in the profits. 

Delivering a Brighter Future Through Regenerative Agriculture

An ecosystem of partners

Regenerative agriculture is a new and complex transition. We can't do this alone. That is why we have partnered up with reNature to help us design the model farm and helps to build capacity among smallholder farmers in the area. 


Please find our context analysis in the link below to find out more about the opportunities for regenerative agriculture in the Taita-Taveta county.

Opening the Door to a Revolution in the Fashion Industry

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