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First webshop is live

We just launched a new webshop boasting a colourful collection of socks. The main reason behind this initial test website is to explore the back end integration and usability of hosting products on a webshop. For this first website we used an open sourced template and built a test webshop. It took us about one day and it works! Open sourced webshops are easier to build than initially expected. You don't need to buy socks just yet.. if you do you will be refunded in full and your socks won't arrive.. just yet at least.

Photoshop can only get you so far. These colourful and playful socks are not real.

Next month we are going to Kenya to find some socks and underwear producers. At the end of February Mart will be connecting to a number local creators to add to our catalogue of Craft suppliers.

Our goal for the next field mission is to talk to as many local suppliers as possible. We will flesh out the idea of a community builder and build a test platform for locals to start uploading pictures of their products. We are going to go into the field with a professional photographer to capture as many hand craft products and their back story as possible. We will keep you posted.

A local community of creators

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