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Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Labl is a tech-savvy ethical clothing producer. We help fashion brands create high quality apparel in an empowering, transparent and planet positive way: Social. Fair. Regenerative.

Helping small and medium fashion brands to produce high quality garments. 

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

With Labl the whole supply chain is managed, leaving you to focus on what you do best. We take care of it. You get the right of production.


Our tech-driven approach ensures a continuously improving service - better and faster for your business. We offer flexibility, small batches and the quickest sampling on the market. You can start small, test fast, track online and scale when ready.

A Better, Faster and Fairer Way for Brands to Go Full Eco


Production with a heart

At Labl, we are rethinking the production process because we care about working conditions.Together with consumers, brands, investors and communities we can empower people - out of poverty and towards a prosperous life.We are rethinking working times, air quality and what a social workplace means: Workers enjoying a communal garden and healthy meals together. Labl’s aim is to reach new heights of quality in working conditions. 

Giving People Better Working Conditions for a Better Life

Cotton Plant

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

We want to join forces with you and produce social and sustainable fashion that helps small and medium fashion brands become successful. We will redesign the production process and start building or own micro factories from scratch. We involve communities from developing countries in the manufacturing process and we choose to source sustainable fabrics locally.

We believe that we can ‘refashion’ the production and make the social and sustainable fashion affordable

Delivering a Brighter Future Through Regenerative Agriculture

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Radical transformation requires commitment, collective effort and local communities. Plus, of course, investment.

Labl offers the longer-term conscious investor, from consumer to Venture Capitalist, a way to directly impact sustainable production.

Get behind fully sustainable, fairly made clothing. Support an ecosystem of fairer working, regenerative farming and community development. Be rewarded with a financial return, knowing your investment, large or small, is helping people and the planet.

Opening the Door to a Revolution in the Fashion Industry

Blijf in contact met ons!

If you are exploring the possibility of working with us as your production parter to your brand 

send us a quick note or even better give us a call. 

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