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"We want to change the fashion industry for good"

The Team

The fashion industry - the second most polluting in the world - is damaging the planet and exploiting people. It’s not sustainable. To tackle climate change and inequality demands drastic change.


We believe the only way to create ethical clothing, make fashion fairer and regenerate the Earth is through a radical systemic redesign.


Building decentralised communities which are self-sufficient and self-organising supply chain micro ecosystems. An innovative business model to deliver high quality, small batches and low waste.

Introducing Labl.

We are always looking for new great minds to join our team. 

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Isaac Waithaka is a strategic and talented entrepreneur adept at implementing and executing creative solutions to social problems. As co-founder of Labl he will be developing partnerships with producers in Kenya.

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Mart Veeken is co-founder of Labl. He drives the team with an unwavering vision. After founding a successful consultant company Ink Strategy in 2012 Mart moved his energy towards this new venture in 2019. 

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Tristan Ozero is the integrator and operations manager at Labl.  He co-founded Labl in 2019 and is helping build a team to drive the company forward. Working hard beside Mart Veeken for the last 10 years. 


Join our fashion squad! We're seeking an entrepreneurial fashionista to fill this spot. If you've got a passion for sustainable style and a flair for business, we'd love to meet you. Help us weave a greener, more fashionable future!

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