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Uniting Fashion and Sustainability



At Labl Fashion Group, we believe in a world where fashion and sustainability coexist. Our mission is to empower local communities and businesses while promoting eco-friendly and ethical practices in the fashion industry. By bringing together diverse companies and initiatives under one umbrella, we aim to create a synergistic ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and positive change.

Our Companies

Labl Fashion Group: Labl Fashion Group is a European-based company with a strong presence in East Africa through our subsidiary, Labl Group East Africa (Labl Group EA). Please visit


Labl Group EA: Labl Group EA is the parent company for Labl Kenya and Labl Farms, both located in Kenya. Each of our companies is self-governed, allowing them to adapt to their unique markets while sharing a common vision and values.


Labl Kenya: Labl Kenya is dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable fashion for the local and international market. We work closely with local communities to create unique, eco-friendly designs.

Labl Farms: Labl Farms is our agricultural arm, focused on cultivating organic, sustainable raw materials for use in our fashion products. By employing regenerative farming practices, we ensure our supply chain remains ethical and environmentally friendly.

Sales Websites

To better serve our customers around the world, we have created dedicated websites for different regions:


Labl Fashion Americas: For our customers in the Americas, please visit

Labl Fashion EU: For our customers in the European Union, please visit

We invite you to explore our vision and join the movement for a sustainable, stylish future. Stay connected with Labl Fashion Group by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and supporting our companies and initiatives.

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